Did you receive a positive result on a pregnancy test? Did you know that pregnancy testing alone isn’t enough to confirm pregnancy? 

An ultrasound is the only way to know for sure if you’re pregnant. A pregnancy test might give you a positive result, but you may have miscarried already (roughly 26% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage).

An ultrasound is a harmless scan that can confirm your pregnancy and also help protect your health.

How Ultrasound Works

Ultrasound uses sound waves to create a picture. 

When you go in for an ultrasound, the nurse will rub a wand-like device (known as a transducer) through the gel on your abdomen. You will then see an image of the inside of your uterus on the screen. If you’re pregnant, you will see your pregnancy. 

Why Do I Need an Ultrasound?

An ultrasound is the first step in protecting your health if you’re pregnant. 

When the nurse performs an ultrasound, they will look for key information about your pregnancy, such as:

  • Location: This is essential to rule out an ectopic pregnancy, which is when the pregnancy develops outside your uterus. If this is happening, you need emergency medical treatment.
  • Age: The nurse will take measurements of your pregnancy that can help determine the age. This is essential information when considering what to do next in your pregnancy. 
  • Viability: An ultrasound can reveal if your pregnancy has signs of viability, such as a heartbeat. If the pregnancy isn’t viable, you will need emergency medical treatment. 

Where Can I Get an Ultrasound?

At PSIC, we offer free, limited ultrasounds performed by one of our caring team members. 

We know that facing an unplanned pregnancy can make you feel alone and worried about your future. But you’re not alone. We’re here to walk alongside you as you think about your next steps. 

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