1. Classroom
    Meet with a mentor to discuss basic parenting skills, responsibility and prenatal care.
PSIC's educational program allows mothers, fathers and/or caregivers to meet with a mentor to discuss prenatal care, basic parenting skills, responsibility, and other topics.  With each lesson that is completed, clients earn "Baby Bucks" which are redeemable only for items in PSIC's Maternity & Baby Boutique .  Learn what to expect during pregnancy and beyond, gain parenting and life skills, and provide for your child.

All Classes offered are FREE of charge.
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During Pregnancy
Recommended for During Pregnancy:
  • Prenatal Development
  • Guide to Pregnancy*
  • Prenatal  Care, Nutrition, Your Developing Baby*
  • What's Safe / What Isn't (During Pregnancy)*
  • Your Changing Body*
  • Getting Ready for Baby*
  • Labor & Delivery
  • Bringing Baby Home
  • Simply Breastfeeding
  • Baby Blues (Postpartum Depression)
  • Newborn Care
       *Available in Spanish
  1. Labor and Delivery
    Labor and Delivery
    Prenatal education, stages of labor, birth options, breathing, and relaxation.
  2. Simply Breastfeeding
    Simply Breastfeeding
    The Benefits of Breastfeeding, Keys to a Successful Latch & Positioning.
  3. Guide to Pregnancy
    Guide to Pregnancy
    Information about all stages of pregnancy and preparing for your baby.
After Baby Comes
Recommended for After Baby Comes:
  • Understanding Your Baby's Cry (Dunston Baby Language)
  • Happiest Baby on the Block*
  • The Period of Purple Crying* (Understanding your baby’s crying)
  • Pediatric Emergencies
  • Routine Illnesses
  • Infant and Toddler Emergency First Aid*
  • Surviving Infancy—Baby and Toddler
  • First Year Milestones
  • Sign with Your Baby—Sign Language
  • Happiest Toddler on the Block*

*Available in Spanish
  1. Understanding Your Baby's Cry
    Understanding Your Baby's Cry
    Learn the 5 cries all newborns use to communicate.
  2. Happiest Baby on the Block
    Happiest Baby on the Block
    Learn the 5 simple ways to calm your baby in just one lesson.
  3. First Year Milestones
    First Year Milestones
    Learn about your baby's development throughout the first year.
  4. Sign with your Child
    Sign with your Child
    Learn to use American Sign Language to help you communicate with your infant & toddler.
  5. Surviving Infancy
    Surviving Infancy
    Accidents, Illnesses, Infant & Toddler Safety, and Parenting Challenges
  6. Happiest Toddler on the Block
    Happiest Toddler on the Block
    How to Eliminate Tantrums and Raise a Patient, Respectful, and Cooperative One- to Four-Year-Old
  7. Period of Purple Crying
    Period of Purple Crying
    Begins about 2 weeks of age to 3-4 months of age, some babies can cry a lot. How do cope with this period of crying.
  8. Infant & Toddler Emergency First Aid
    Infant & Toddler Emergency First Aid
    Be prepared to take the proper actions that could save your child's life. This class will help you learn what to do should in the case of an accident or illness.
Parenting Classes
Parenting Classes:
  • Homes of Honor
  • 1-2-3 Magic*
  • More 1-2-3 Magic*
  • Have a New Kid by Friday
  • Essentials of Discipline
  • Healthy Boundaries Grow Healthy Children
  • ​Love & Logic
*Available in Spanish
  1. Homes of Honor
    Homes of Honor
    Learn parenting skills, build strengths, and keep lines of communication open.
  2. More 1-2-3 Magic
    More 1-2-3 Magic
    Learn strategies for encouraging your children's independence for responsible and happy kids. 5 lessons.
  3. 1-2-3 Magic
    1-2-3 Magic
    Learning easy steps for disciplining children without arguing, yelling or spanking.
  4. Have a New Kid by Friday
    Have a New Kid by Friday
    Learn to change your child's attitude, behavior, and character through practical ideas and strategies. 5 Lessons.
  5. Essentials of Discipline
    Essentials of Discipline
    Discover effective discipline & safeguards for a dangerous world. Learn how to grow & lead your children - God's way. 10 Lessons.
  6. Boundaries with Kids
    Boundaries with Kids
    Raise responsible children to lead balanced & productive adult lives.
                    Classes *Also available in Spanish
Pregnancy Decision Making:
Pregnancy Options*
Options Testimonies*

  • Abortion*
  • Adoption*
  • Parenting*
Fetal Development*
Types of Abortions*

  • Suction D & C*
  • Abortion Pills*
  • Dilation & Evacuation*
  • Induction​*

*Available in Spanish

Life Skills:
Fighting the Impulse to Spend
The Monster of Debt
Credit Cards, Friend or Foe?
Financial Emergencies
Budgeting 101
Credit Scores, Good, Bad, Ugly
Buying a Car
Career or Job?
Staying out of Debt
Your Financial Future
Helping Children Process Change
Financial Stability Inside Change
Getting Established in a New Area
What is a Family?
Successful Family Living
Pregnancy & Childbirth:
Prenatal Care
Eating for Two
Your Ultrasound Appointment*
Your Developing Body / Baby 1st Trimester
Emotions of Pregnancy*
What is Safe in Pregnancy?
Bonding with Your Unborn Baby*
Your Developing Body / Baby 2nd Trimester
Your Unborn Baby’s Secret World*
Getting Ready – Nesting

Big Belly Mom Hacks*

Your Developing Body / Baby 3rd Trimester
Eye Contact Means Love*
Infant Temperament*
The Importance of Bonding*
Infant Expectations*
Infant Hygiene*
Simple Infant Care*
Caring for Yourself After Childbirth*
Going It Alone*
At Risk Pregnancies*
Smoking / Drinking / Drugs*
Quality Child Care*

Shaken Baby Syndrome

​*Also available in Spanish
Baby's First Year:
Mommy Works
Being a Super Mom
Car Seat Safety
Mommy Nutrition*
Preventing Child Sexual Abuse
SIDS – Sudden Infant Death
Newborn Sickness
Infant CPR
Infant Nutrition
Baby on the Move
Getting Your Baby to Sleep
Toilet Training*

 Mommy Milestones
12-15 Month Milestones
15-18 Month Milestones
18-24 Month Milestones
24-36 Month Milestones
Sleeping, Bedtimes, Mornings
Toddler Accidents
Toddler Safety
Toddler Illness
Toddler Nutrition
Toddler Oral Health
Practical Fatherhood:
Real Time
Role Models
Respect for Mothers
Being a Leader
Discipline Foundation
Discipline Guidelines
Situational Discipline
Being Consistent

Positive Partnerships:
Healthy Boundaries
Making the Marriage Choice
Staying Married
Single Parenting

Special Circumstances:
Healing from Abuse
Post Abortion Healing
Relationship Loss
Pregnancy Loss
Sex and You

The Heart of the Matter
STD/STI Avoidance
Choosing Marriage
​Making the Committment

All BrightCourse classes are available with Closed Captioning subtitles. Classes marked with an *asterisk are also available in Spanish.

Other Classes
Other Classes:
  • Giving God Your Worst
  • Forgiven and Set Free
  • Forgiveness:  Getting Beyond Your Pain and Past
  • Footprints on Our Heart:  Miscarriage, Stillbirth, or Newborn Death
  • Practical Fatherhood
  • Love & Respect (Book study on Marriage)
  • Stay Married for Life
  • Time to Heal (Bible Study)
  • The Whole Sex Talk
  • Teaching Kids about Sex
  • Teens and Sex
  1. Stay Married for Life
    Stay Married for Life
    Couples will learn to build a great relationship in any season of marriage.
  2. Love and Respect
    Love and Respect
    Learn why spouses react negatively to each other, and how to can deal with conflict quickly, easily and Biblically.
  3. A Time to Heal
    A Time to Heal
    Face losses and discover God's healing to be set free from the pain in your past.
  4. The Whole Sex Talk
    The Whole Sex Talk
    Learn to have conversations with your kids about love, sex, and relationships.
  5. Forgiven and Set Free
    Forgiven and Set Free
    A post-abortive Bible study that gently guides hurting women through painful emotions and memories to lasting healing and forgiveness.
  6. Practical Fatherhood
    Practical Fatherhood
    Simple and practical advice on how to be the dad that your children need.
  7. Dad Difference - Birth to Age 5
    Dad Difference - Birth to Age 5
    Be in an integral part of your child's life and parent in your own unique "dad" way.