Maternity & Baby Boutique
By participating in the Earn While You Learn educational program, clients earn "Baby Bucks" which are redeemable only in PSIC's Maternity & Baby Boutique.  The Boutique is well stocked with new and gently used items including maternity clothing, supplies for the newborn (clothes, diapers, wipes, etc.) as well as larger items such as cribs, car seats, baby swings and more.  Availability varies and the selection rotates by season.  Clients with Baby Bucks may stop in anytime during open hours to select items from the boutique.  
  1. Infant Food and Formula
    Infant Food and Formula
    An assortment of many different varieties of baby food and formula. Formula is 1 Baby Buck per canister.
  2. Maternity Boutique
    Maternity Boutique
    Maternity Items are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Most items are only 1 Baby Buck.
  3. Personal Toiletries
    Personal Toiletries
    Personal care items are available for 1 Baby Buck.
  4. Small Toys
    Small Toys
    Small Toys are just 1 Baby Buck. Selection varies daily.
  5. Disposable Diapers
    Disposable Diapers
    Diapers, Preemie to Size 6, 1 Baby Buck per package of approximately 25 diapers. Variety of brands changes depending on donations received.
  6. Pregnancy Tests
    Pregnancy Tests
    Pregnancy tests are available. If you think you need one, please ask when you check in. Pregnancy tests and options consultations are free.
  7. Wipes
    Disposable wipes are available for 1 Baby Buck per package. A variety of brands and types are available.
  8. Umbrella Stroller
    Umbrella Stroller
    Umbrella strollers are 5 Baby Bucks. Brand and style varies depending on availability and donations.
  9. Pack N Play
    Pack N Play
    Folding portable play areas are 15 Baby Bucks. Design varies depending on manufacturer and donation.
  10. Infant Car Seat-NEW
    Infant Car Seat-NEW
    Infant Car Seats are 20 Baby Bucks. New-Never been used item. Selection varies.
  11. Convertible Car Seat - NEW
    Convertible Car Seat - NEW
    New Convertible Car Seat - Never Been Used - 20 Baby Bucks. Selection Varies.
  12. Crib
    Cribs are 30 Baby Bucks. Selection varies.
  13. Child Toiletries
    Child Toiletries
    Baby Shampoo, Lotion, Powder, Body Wash, Diaper Creme, etc. are available for 1 Baby Buck.
  14. Blankets
    Blankets, Quilts, Afghans are 1 Baby Buck. Selection varies daily.
  15. Swing
    Swings are 10 Baby Bucks, selection varies.
  16. Pajamas
    The boutique has lots of pajamas and sleepers! 1 Baby Buck each.
  17. Large Stroller
    Large Stroller
    Large strollers are 15 Baby Bucks. Style and brand varies.
  18. Bouncy Seat
    Bouncy Seat
    Many seat options to choose from - Only 3 Baby Bucks!
  19. Children's Books
    Children's Books
    A variety of children's books are available all complete free. No baby bucks required.
  20. Children's Clothing
    Children's Clothing
    Children's Clothing (preemie to size 4T) in various styles for both boys and girls. One outfit for 1 Baby Buck. New clothing is double the baby bucks.
  21. Child's Shoes and Boots
    Child's Shoes and Boots
    Various styles available for boys and girls, 1 Baby Buck per pair.
  22. Changing Table with Pad
    Changing Table with Pad
    Changing Tables (with Pad) are 10 Baby Bucks, various styles available.
  23. Exercaucer / Large Toy
    Exercaucer / Large Toy
    Exersaucers are 5 Baby Bucks. Large Toys vary in price from 3-10 Baby Bucks.
  24. Receiving Blankets
    Receiving Blankets
    A variety of receiving blankets are available 1/2 baby buck each.
  25. Booster & Bumbo Seats
    Booster & Bumbo Seats
    Various booster or Bumbo seats - 5 Baby Bucks each, selection varies.
  26. Diaper Bags
    Diaper Bags
    Various sizes and styles of diaper bags - 2 Baby Bucks each.

Additional Boutique Details

Boutique selection varies daily.  Most items located in the boutique are gently used and donated to PSIC by generous supporters.  PSIC cannot guarantee the availability, safety or fitness of any boutique items. The client willingly and knowingly assumes the risk of any related hazards or dangers associated with any items they select from the boutique.  (Toiletries and car seats are always new items.)  Click here for disclaimer.
Pricing:  All items in the boutique are available free of charge in exchange for Baby Bucks earned in the Earn While You Learn program, by taking  classes or meeting with a mentor.  Enrolled clients can earn up to 10 Baby Bucks per appointment.  All new clothing items are double baby bucks.  Various discounts and promotions are held throughout the year.
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